Purchase Process

To purchase our digital wildlife images, choose your favorites from one of our galleries.

Predator Gallery :

A. Lion Gallery

B. Leopard Gallery

C. Cheetah Gallery

D. Wild Dog Gallery

E. Hyena Gallery

Herbivores Gallery :

A. Elephant Gallery

B. Rhino Gallery

C. Buffalo Gallery

D. Hippo Gallery

E. Impala Gallery

F. Kudu Gallery

G. Zebra Gallery

Primate Gallery :     

A. Vervet Monkey Gallery

B. Chacma Baboon Gallery

Reptile Gallery :   

A. Snakes Gallery

B. Rock Monitor Gallery

C. Nile Crocodile Gallery


Use the title of the nature images, as you hover over the photos with your mouse. List the titles with the animal’s name on the order form below and submit it.

The basic sizes of the digital images are :

Small – suitable for web usage          R 250    or   $ 20

Medium – Medium Quality                 R 450    or   $ 40

Original – Optimum Quality                R 550     or  $ 50


Optimum quality is suited for large Prints

Prices will fluctuate due to constant exchange rate movement.

Please confirm the charges before ordering.

Different sizes are available, specify your size in the request / order form below

Wildlife Focus Photography will be able to assist with printed media, fine art photographic paper or canvas if that is your preference. For any special requests or additional information please contact or email us.

vervet monkey sitting on a tree stump

7 young male lion coalition

wild dog relaxing looking up