Herbivore, Predator, Primate and Reptile African Wildlife images can be purchased  as digital media.You can choose between small, medium or original nature photos sizes. Elephant, Rhino, Hippo, Zebra and a variety of Antelope photos are available.We also offer a nature picture enhancement product. Wildlife Focus Photography can enhance nature pictures in a variety of exciting ways.For more info please contact Nicki – email address  nicki@wildlifefocusphotography.co.za

A variety of enhancements are available. Wildlife Focus Photography improvements and manipulations. “Old Style” Sepia transformed Images are very popular, turn a modern photo in an ‘ old fashioned” favorite. Black and White conversions are a trendy change to a dull interior.Black and White wildlife Images convey a strong emotion and mood. Wildlife image colour enhancements transformation. Background or image blending can be very appealing for those special effects. For more info contact Nicki – nicki@wildlifefocusphotography.co.za.

Herbivore Wildlife Images are obtained for a wide variety of photographic projects and industries. Web Designers use our wildlife images for the enhancement of their products. Our products are also popular in the Graphic Design business. Many companies need digital images for Social Media Design. Our wildlife prints are well suited for Poster Design. The African nature photos are regularly a tool used for Educational purposes. Last but not least, Wildlife Conservation Projects demand wildlife pictures frequently.