Lion images of Southern Africa

Male Lions & Lionesses are the hunters in the pride and work together to prey. They do this by splitting into groups. One group chases the animals to a certain area whilst another group waits to ambush the victims. Their technique and skill are precise and calculated. Each lion begins to develop their own unique role that’s specific to contributing to the success of killing the intended prey. Their diet consists of prey as large as elephants, hyenas, hippos, rhinos,  to something as small as rodents.

They regularly scavenge kills, which the lions steal from other predators.

Cubs come in litters of between one to five babies and are either maternally nurtured or completely neglected. In that situation, other lionesses will allow the cub to suckle even though it is not their own. Lionesses look after each other’s cubs too, which demonstrates the amount of care and respect they have. They give birth once every two years with the cubs eating meat after three months and are continued to be nursed three months after. Most lionesses have cubs by the age of four.

Males defend their territory, be it open woodland or scrub, through urinating to mark the area, roaring to promote fear and literally chasing off any intruders. Their main competition is spotted hyenas that often go for the same prey as lions. These animals will fight and steal each other’s food. This warfare goes beyond food; it is also the problem of territorial boundaries being crossed.